The Proprietor's Daughter (Trojan Horse)

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Parklight In association with SPACE Studios
Stoke Newington Festival , Clissold Park London, 15/6/00 - 19/6/00

The story of Clissold Park was woven with images from a childhood dream.

Crawshay, the proprietor of the park in the mid to late 1800s, had a daughter who was courted by Rev. Augustus Clissold. Crawshay had a dislike for vicars, and had a servant chase him away with a shotgun.

My dream featured a slow-motion persuit by a dark cloaked figure with a gun barrel face. The resulting entity in this work became a mixture of a Trojan Horse and something like a tank. The chase around the park took place during the middle of the night, making the most of the headlamp eyes of the monster.

This page is dedicated to the memory of Joseph Meager, who revived the contraption and peddled it through Victoria Park, Hackney, for Channel 4’s documentary.

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